Royal Breakfasts for Everyone's Everyday

To be told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is like being told to clean your bed room as a kid. We all know we have to do it, but few of us want to and fewer of us actually do it. But there is no getting away from it: if you don't eat breakfast, not only do you miss out on valuable macro nutrients (proteins, oils) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) but you’re more likely to end up eating unhealthy foods later on in the day. This is because skipping meals affects the body’s blood sugars. Irregular blood sugar can affect concentration, emotions and may make you feel week, dizzy, spacey, irritable and tired. Simply put: you wouldn’t expect a car to start in the morning without any petrol. So why expect the body to function without any fuel?

On the flip side breakfast can be a moment’s love in the morning. It needn’t take long and will awaken body and mind to a far more focused, effortless and positive day. If you don’t eat breakfast the world doesn’t sing. Everything becomes an effort.

So what to eat and why:

It is best to eat before leaving the house (within one hour of rising). Yet for many of us this simply isn’t possible. Whether you have a long commute, need to get the kids off to school, forgot to set the alarm (or slept through it) or want to go to the gym or a yoga class before work – sometimes breakfast has to be put on hold. But hopefully not for too long.

If appetite is a problem – then a glass of hot water and lemon juice is just the thing to awaken appetite.

Here are some ideas for three different types of breakfast habits: quick early morning feasts, desk time eating and luxurious breakfast between the sheets! 

Early Morning Feast


They take some time to prepare but can be downed in no time or put into a flask to be drunk in the car or train (or while running after the kids). If you are the organized type you can chop fruit and greens into sandwich bags and put them in the freezer for the week (or month) so they are all ready to pop into the blender in no time at all. As an added bonus, frozen fruit makes for a frothier smoothie.

Ideas include:

  1. Protein powder, milk, 1 banana, punnet of berries of your choice (optional purple corn powder for an additional antioxidant hit)
  2. Almond protein powder, raw almond butter, bonsoy, handful oats, mesquite, 1 banana
  3. Handful kale (or spinach), raw barleygrass mixed seeds butter, half pineapple, knob of ginger, organic juice or water, blueberries (optional purple corn powder) (eat this with a handful brazil nuts for added protein)
  4. Milk, raw Brazil nut butter, 1 banana, mango, coconut butter
  5. Milk, protein powder, 1 banana, raw almond butter, raw chocolate powder (or carob powder)

Museli with flax seeds, milk and chopped banana (or berries)

This couldn’t be quicker, more nourishing or more sustaining. Add a handful of hemp seeds for added nutrition.

Chopped up fruit and oat cakes dipped into raw nut butter

This cute meal needs hardly any preparation and hardly any washing up.  Great combinations include: apple and barleygrass mixed seed butter, pear and walnut butter, banana and pecan nut butter, oat cake and Apricot Kernel butter.

Chopped boiled eggs on buttered essene bread.

If you don’t have time to boil an egg or two in the morning, boil them the night before as you are cooking dinner or washing up. Talk about a ready meal......

Desk Time Eating

Oatcakes, raw nut butters, chopped banana

Miso soup with added tofu or home-boiled egg and vegetables (you can even add noodles)

Flax crackers or oat cakes with avocado and handful hemp seeds

Hemp porridge (it is as easy to make as a cup of tea) with seasonal fruit

Cashew Cinnamon Crisp flax cracker with mashed banana topped with raspberries or sliced apple

Breakfast Between the Sheets (yay it's Sunday)

Flax Cakes with maple syrup, chopped banana and chopped Brazil nuts (thanks to Ani Phyo)

Combine melted coconut butter with ground flax seeds and Himalayan sea salt and form into patties. Serve with maple syrup, chopped banana and brazil nuts.

Poached eggs on rye bread with buttered spinach

Scrambled nuts with turmeric and chopped tomatoes, spring onions on essene bread and spinach

Blend 1 cup sunflower seeds (also nice combined with pumpkin seeds and walnuts) with couple pinches turmeric, olive oil and salt. Stir in chopped tomatoes and spring onions so that it looks like scrambled eggs. Serve on essene bread with a spinach salad.

Kippers on wholemeal toast with grilled tomatoes

Grilled portabella mushrooms with sliced garlic, egg and paprika.

The secret of this lovely recipe is to grill the mushrooms face down, then flip them over, crack an egg into the middle, sprinkle on the paprika and put under a hot grill until the egg is cooked. Serve with grilled tomatoes and thyme on rye bread.

Grilled (or tinned) sardines on toast and lots of chopped parsley

Spanish omelette made with new potatoes, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, spring onions.

Boil the potatoes with a pinch of turmeric and sauté the red peppers, onions, tomatoes and spring onions in olive oil, touch of chilli and crushed garlic. Chop the potatoes into bite size pieces then add to the vegetables. Take off the heat. Whisk up some eggs with ground black pepper and then add the vegetables and potatoes. Fry the omelette until brown on one side, then fold it over for a minute or two. Serve on a large plate of baby spinach.

Happy Breakfast Eating.  

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