What's the deal with protein powders?

Adequate protein is essential to health. Too little can cause fatigue, lack of stamina and poor blood sugar levels, which can lead to sudden and increased hunger.  We should be eating protein foods (eggs, fish, beans, nuts, meats, fermented soy, raw cheese and live yoghurt) with most meals and snacks but sometimes this is easier said than done. And these are times in our life (pregnancy, convalescing, puberty, doing a lot of exercise and so on) when we need a little more protein than even the most nutrient rich diet can easily provide.


At Snowsfields Wellness we love Epic Protein. Epic Protein powder is raw, organic, vegan and contains no gluten or GMO.   Wholefood plants have been carefully chosen for their balanced and complete protein content meaning Epic Protein contains all twenty amino acids the building blocks of protein. There are three delicious powders to choose from. 

Vanilla Lucuma provides 19 grams of complete protein per serving. Lucuma the “Gold of the Incas,” is a sweet, potent source of beta-carotene and niacin.  Lucuma is paired with Vanilla Bean, giving an unmistakable flavour. Vanillian also contains some B vitamins and trace minerals. Baobab has been added for it’s lovely taste as well as being rich in phytochemicals and high levels of vitamin C. 

Chocolate Maca provides 19 grams of complete protein per serving. Cacao provides a wealth of flavonoids and a rich supply of magnesium. Maca Root, known for its hormone balancing and energy stimulating properties, offers well-rounded adaptogenic support.  There is also a hint of Ceylon Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels and promotes healthy circulation.

Green Kingdom provides 20 grams of complete protein per serving and includes a potent blend of land & sea plant life. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is a source of protein and vitamins A, K and B.  Kale is high in vitamins A, C and K. Indian Moringa is an incredibly nutritious plant proving significant quantities of calcium, protein and vitamins A, B and C.

All of the Epic Protein range is bioavailable and highly assimilable, resulting in an incredibly dynamic, superfood-enriched protein powder that will help boost and strengthen your body. To buy please phone 02074079910 or pop in to the shop. For more information please come and speak to one of our receptionists or make an appointment to see nutritional therapist Allison.

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