Let’s talk about the environment

At Snowsfields Wellness we believe that looking after the health of everyone’s planet is just as important as protecting and helping the health of the individual. For this reason we have tried our best to be as environmentally conscious and honest as possible. We have built our shop using reclaimed wood, filled it with vintage furniture and painted it with eco paint. We heat and light the centre from Ecotricity. We only use eco light bulbs. We bank with an ethical bank. We support small, British and ethical business. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products and soaps. We recycle as much as possible and encourage clients to bring us their old batteries, mobile phones and eye glasses so that we can do the boring bit for them. All our stationary is recycled and printed with eco inks. All our towels and toiletries are organic. All our plates and cups are vintage and our glasses recycled. We reuse whatever we can. All our packaging is made from biodegradable or recycled materials. And we are happy for clients to leave the biodegradable packaging for us to compost.

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