Counselling Psychology & Nutritional Therapy for Eating Disorders

Kate Scruby offers psychological therapy to help people address their relationship to food, weight and emotions. Whilst this is always tailored to the individual, work can include the following:
- exploring and understanding how your eating disorder developed and has been maintained.
- learning ways to manage food differently
- learning what triggers your eating disorder and how to respond differently
- learning strategies to manage your emotions
- understanding your relationship to your body and how to improve this
- reconnecting with old interests and developing new ones, aiming to build self confidence and pleasure
- Including family members in sessions if we both feel this is useful

Kate is happy to work closely with other professionals that may be involved in your care.

Feel free to contact Kate at Snowsfields on, or 07709365785 or via email hello[@]

Kate Practices at Snowsfields Wellness on:


Tuesdays 5.30-8.30


Other days and evening appointments by arrangement

£90 for one hour

Marissa-Catherine Carrarini offers nutritional therapy for eating disorder clients. 

Eating disorders clients can be suffering with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or simply have an unhappy and/or disturbed relationship to food and eating.

Marissa-Catherine only works with eating disorder clients who are receiving psychological support, however if you are not, she will happily recommend someone who will suit your needs. She also works with the Recover Clinic, an out-patient eating disorders clinic near Great Portland Street, London. 

Marissa-Catherine works in a slow, relaxed, non-intimidating manner, with no judgments or preconceptions. She strives to help every client feel empowered to help himself or herself be well, find strength and thrive. 

Marissa-Catherine helps the clients: 

  • � understand what they should be eating for their body at that particular point in time and for the future
  • � understand why they need to eat and why they need to eat certain foods
  • � understand how to be, at a minimum and to start off with, as safe as they can be at that time in their eating disorder behaviour
  • � relearn to listen to their appetite and how to respond to it in a happy, relaxed, nourishing and safe way
  • � break free of negative habits and fears 
  • � regain their sense of taste & smell and enjoyment in eating food 
  • � learn / relearn how to prepare food for themselves / others
  • � learn the physical reasons why clients may be stuck in a binge/purge/starve cycle and how to prevent this & break free of it
  • � have a clearer understanding of how their body works and what foods & lifestyle measures they need to support a healthy, thriving body and mind. 

Marissa-Catherine also creates a safe, calm and friendly space for clients to express their fears, desires and thoughts. 

While Marissa-Catherine works on a very pragmatic, day-to-day basis to help free the client of an eating disorder, she also strives to help them achieve life-long mental and physical health. She is passionate about healthful, fresh and delicious food and aims to inspire clients to eat a range of amazing food (from kale to chocolate cake) that will benefit the body, mind and taste.  However she is sympathetic to all dietary lifestyle choices and gastronomic tastes. 

While Marissa-Catherine only sees clients on a one to one basis, she will happily work closely to support and inform the family, with the client’s consent.  

Marissa-Catherine welcomes everyone to her clinic, and is keen to encourage men as well as women to seek nutritional support. All clients need to be 18years old and over. 

Marissa-Catherine will support anyone at any stage of their illness (including those who have just left in-patient care), however she may deem it necessary that the client pauses outpatient treatment and goes into in-patient care. She will help the client and their family, choose the right inpatient care for them and their circumstances. 

Marissa practices at Snowsfields Wellness on:

Monday 12.30 & 1.30 slots

Friday 8.30am-1.00pm

Saturday - 10.30am-1.30pm


Assessment session - 90 mins - £100

Follow us session - 60 mins - £85

For more information please phone 0207 407 9910 or email marissa [ @ ]

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