Naturopathy: Allison Sheppard

Naturopathy: Allison Sheppard

Allison Sheppard

Allison has enjoyed a lifelong interest in natural medicine having been raised using complementary and alternative therapies to support and improve her own health.  Her passion for creating the right environment for health and wellbeing and belief in food as medicine ultimately led her to the ancient discipline of Naturopathy.

Allison is trained in a range of techniques aimed at restoring health and wellness. She focuses on personalised nutrition, not dietary labels, and works with nutrient dense wholefoods without the need for calorie counting.  Allison takes a whole systems approach by identifying barriers to health such as dysfunctional breathing or how you react to the stress in your life and when appropriate runs clinical tests to explore the root cause of your complaint.

Allison graduated from the University of Westminster with first-class honours but first read Psychology.  She’s always been fascinated by human behaviour, the mind body connection is an integral part of her practice, as she believe that all dis-ease includes emotional aspects to how it shows up. 

Allison has a special interest in healthy aging through the use of nutrigenomics, anxiety and stress management, digestive and thyroid health and autoimmune conditions. 

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Consultation prices

Initial £100 (90 min)

Follow-up either £35 (30 mins) or £70 (60 mins)

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